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Creation of default pm folder for new member after login

Support Request


Hi Yuri,

As far as I understand, after a new member is registered regardless of the method of registration (by self activation via mail, by super-admin), new member’s default pm boxes are not created in exp_message_folders table until he/she logs in.

If yes to above (ie. if I am correct), in order to get the default pm folders created in exp_message_folders table, the login action needs the “member” trigger word. When login action is done with simple login form, I don’t see the default folders created in exp_message_folders table.

When this is the case, after new member receives a new pm, and if the default folders are not there, I am having the decode failed error on the browser when calling the view folder template I sent you previously.

The only way to fix it is to log-in through once. Then the default folders are created and all works fine with messaging add-on.

I hope I managed to explain clearly.

Any recommendation to fix this? Or is this a pure EE issue?

Yuri Salimovskiy
# 1
Yuri Salimovskiy

The folder creation is actually triggered not by logging in with Member controller, but by accessing member/profile page with list of PM folders.

Same way, Messaging add-on is creating folders when user is accessing the page where you have {exp:messaging:folders} tag.

Now that you’ve mentioned it, it seems unsufficient to me. So I added folders creation also to {exp:messaging:info} tag (which is often added to site heading to display number of unread messages for the user)

Grab the latest version here on devot:ee

# 2

Thanks a lot Yuri. That worked great..:!!!