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MC Player Installation

Support Request


Hi Michael:

I installed MC Player plugin for EE 2.4.0.

I have the following error

The following tag cannot be processed:


Please check that the ‘mc_player’ module is installed and that ‘playerpath=”{site_url}jw_player/player.swf”’ is an available method of the module

1) I am wondering if I have installed MC Player correctly
This is what I did.
I uploaded the ee2/expressionengine/third_party/mc_player folder to system/expressionengine/third_party/
I am able to see the MC Player 0.2.6 inside EE CP->Add-Ons->Plugins

2) What would be the correct syntax to embed JW Player with MC Player?

I have
{exp:mc_player:playerpath=”{site_url}jw_player/player.swf” file=”{path=‘site_index’}/press/media-playlist/{entry_id}” playlist=“none” playernumber=”{entry_id}” width=“100%” height=“300” controlbar=“bottom” wmode=“transparent” autoplay=“true”}
Is the above syntax correct? I could not find the user manual.



Michael C. (KKCJ)
# 1
Michael C. (KKCJ)

Hi Feng,

There should be syntax examples when you click on the plugin from the list of plugins.

The mistake you made is here:

{exp:mc_player:playerpath="..." ...

Instead, it should read:

{exp:mc_player:play playerpath="..." ...

There’s two other things.

First, there’s no need to specify playlist=“none”, and as a matter of fact it might actually break things that would otherwise work. Either don’t specify the “playlist” parameter, or leave the value blank (playlist=”“).

Second, width must be specified in pixels, not percentages. Limitation of using Flash as a player, I’m afraid.

Let me know how you fare. :)

# 2

Hi Michael:

Really appreciate your help. I am quite surprised for your quick response. Usually developers don’t provide support if the plugins are free for download.

I made change to my code and now the error is

Javascript must be enabled to play this media.

I think this error has nothing to do with MC Player. It might be related to JW Player. I have the JW Player Javascript in the <head> tag as

      {exp:channel:entries limit=“1”}{title}{/exp:channel:entries}:
      {exp:channel:info channel=“video”}{channel_title}{/exp:channel:info} - {site_name}


<link href=”{site_url}style.css” rel=“stylesheet” type=“text/css”> 

The browser is enabled to handle Javascript. I really doubt if it is a file permission issue on the web server. Because I have

{exp:mc_player:play playerpath=”{site_url}jw_player/player.swf” file=”{path=‘site_index’}/press/media-playlist/{entry_id}” playlist=”” playernumber=”{entry_id}” width=“300” height=“300” controlbar=“bottom” wmode=“transparent” autoplay=“true”}

The “playerpath” points to the same web folder.

I also tried [removed][removed]

Same error message.

Anyway, I will check JW Player for clue.


# 3

Hi Michael:

The previous post removed my [removed] tag.

The first removed is for


The second removed is for


Michael C.
# 4
Michael C.

The code is still getting removed, evidently. Try using &lt; and &gt; instead of the < and > chars?