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Payment Form

Support Request


Hi Mark,

On your example site ‘’ you have the payment form on the site instead of redirecting to paypal.

Its been a while since i’ve done a paypal cart, i pretty sure that you need paypal pro to have that functionality? Either way could you just give me a really quick comparison to the provided template ‘checkout’ template and the heli site checkout template.

Great little plugin, perfect for small or quick bolt on e-commerce for my clients!

Kind Regards,


Mark Bowen Design
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Mark Bowen Design

Hi James,

First of all sorry it’s taken so long for me to reply to this thread. I’ve been quite ill lately and so have only just been able to even check emails.

The form on the site doesn’t actually process the payments it just sends the details securely (encrypted email) to the company who then process the details through a card terminal.

They needed this instead of the redirect to PayPal for reasons I can’t go into but that’s how their site works.

Hope that helps a bit?

Best wishes,