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Made By Shape
Made By Shape

I’m trying to get your add-on to work, and when I even just use the basic example you give:

{exp:mb_countdown date="7th June 2011 11:10:00 am" event="My Birthday"}

    There are {if years 
0}{years} year{if years 1}s{/if}{/if}{if months 0}{months} month{if months 1}s{/if}{/if}{if days 0}{days} day{if days 1}s{/if}{/if}{if hours 0}{hours} hour{if hours 1}s{/if}{/if}{if hours <= 0}{minutes} minutes{/if}{if hours 0}{if minutes 0}and {minutes} minute{if minutes 1}s{/if}{/if}{/if} left until {event}


It outputs like this:

There are 2 years, 6 days, 19 hours, and 18 minutes left until My Birthday

To me it looks like it goes in “reverse” after the date has been?!

I then changed it to 15th June 2013, and I got this output:

2 days, 19 hours, and 10 minutes left until My Birthday

Which is correct.

I also noticed another user on here state how it shows up saying “23 Days” after the date has passed - I have also had this issue.

I don’t think the add-on is working as it should…