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Can Math Plus perform calculations on numerical data from multiple, related channels? 



I have a channel for a university survey with fields containing numerical data (fields like, {total_eligible_survey_participants} and {number_of_surveys_completed} as well as {college_attended}, {educational_major} and {annual_salary}. There is an entry in the channel for each major within the university and each major is associated with a college or school within the university.

I would like to produce dynamic pages that can make calculations and display the results. For example, a page that could access the aforementioned channel and display the percentage of all eligible survey recipients who responded to the survey: {number_of_surveys_completed} / {total_eligible_survey_participants}

I would also like to calculate the total number of respondents from each college or school within the university (the sum of all responses for each major that is associated with a specific college or school).

Can Math Plus perform calculations using numerical data from channel fields multiple entries/related table data - like the sum of all responses for each major associated with a specific college or school?

Thanks for your help

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Please, post here your template code which outputs numerical data from several channels you need to calculate.

# 2

In my current test, I have a channel named {outcomes} that contains a grid field named {outcomes_data}.

The {outcomes_data} field contains the following columns:

{school} - the college attended within the university, such as journalism, arts and sciences, etc.
{status} - this is a “yes” or “no” field related to whether or not this individual responded to the survey

I would like to perform calculations and display something like, “average salary for history majors.”

Can Math Plus perform allow me to determine the number/COUNT of all {salary} column entries WHERE {major} equals “history,” then SUM those column entries and divide the SUM by the number/COUNT?

Thanks for your help.

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It’s difficult to tel untill you post here an example of your code. It could be some preliminary code, but it should contain all necessary tags and variables.

Luca Bernays
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Luca Bernays

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