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URL Titles not unique

Support Request


I’m playing around with this clever add-on for the first time, and it has a lot of potential. But I’ve noticed something that seems less than optimal: When you use Magic Fields to generate URL Titles, it is possible to make identical URL Titles for two different entries.

As an example, if I’ve got a basic channel for people with {first_name} and {last_name} fields, I can ask Magic Fields to create a URL Title out of {first_name}-{last_name}. That works beautifully until the channel has two people named Bob Smith. Out-of-the-box, EE generates URL Titles of bob-smith and bob-smith1. That way each entry has a unique URL. But Magic Fields gives both entries the URL Title of bob-smith. I’ve looked in the database, and the url_title data in the exp_channel_titles table is identical for both entries.

This seems problematic to me as a default. Is there a way to force Magic Fields to make unique URL Titles? I guess I could force all URL Titles to contain the Entry ID, but that seems a bit cumbersome and unsemantic to include in every URL.

I couldn’t find much documentation for this add-on, so I figured I’d ask here.

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The best workaround for now is probably to just use {entry_id}. That’s what we do now. That said, the template code is fully functional, so if you can determine a way to do this using {exp:query} or other such tags it should work.

We’ll look into adding options for automatically appending/prepending to the URL Title in an upcoming update.