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Format of URL Title

Feature Request

Todd Richards
Todd Richards

I added this under “Feature Request” because in general it seems to be working.  I’m creating the URL Title from two other fields.  Example would be “Corporate Attorney” (cf_jobs_short_name) and “7986JB” (cf_jobs_job_number).  My code in Magic Fields for the URL title is


It’s working fine, but the URL title is coming back as “Corporate Attorney-7986JB” , and it’s working fine.  However, it would be nice if it would convert it to lowercase, and replace the spaces with dashes.  So it would become “corporate-attorney-7986JB”.

Thanks for your thoughts!


# 1

Magic Fields currently is designed with the use of third-party plugins in mind. The easiest way to do this would be to wrap the template in a call to CE String:

{exp:ce_str:ing url_title}{cf_jobs_short_title}-{cf_jobs_job_number}{/exp:ce_str:ing}