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Unable to access settings of Lamplighter after fresh install

Support Request

Axel Hebenstreit
Axel Hebenstreit


i’m unable to access settings of Lamplighter after fresh install.
When i click on settings i get the message:

Error: Unable to load the requested language file: language/english/willow_smart_url_title_lang.php

ExpressionEngine 3.5.2
Lamplighter 1.4.1

Ben Kohl
# 1
Ben Kohl

Lamplighter has to fetch add-on information for all your installed add-ons. It looks like maybe there is a missing language file for the Willow Smart URL Title add-on. Does that file exist for that path inside that add-on’s folder?

Axel Hebenstreit
# 2
Axel Hebenstreit

Well i thought the same so i also installed the Willow Smart URL Title add-on but still the same error. The error appeared when i didn’t even have the Willow Smart URL Title add-on installed. So very strange.

Ben Kohl
# 3
Ben Kohl

Lamplighter relies on some core libraries in ExpressionEngine for traversing through the third party folder. Even if an add-on isn’t installed via the control panel, it is still there so EE sees it. If you aren’t using that add-on, maybe just remove it from the third party folder. Otherwise, check to see if the language file is missing and replace it.

# 4

thank you for your hints Ben! Uninstalled several Add-Ons which i didn’t use and the error was gone. Reinstalled all Add-ons and still no error!