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“The API could not be reached.”

Support (Resolved)



I’m getting this error in the lamplighter tab after updating:

“The API could not be reached. Please try again later.”

EE v2.11.3
Lamplighter v1.4.1

Ben Kohl
# 1
Ben Kohl

I don’t see any downtime on our end. Maybe it was related to the recent DDoS attacks and it is working now? I’ll look into testing that release on EE 2.11.3.

Sneed's Feed & Seed
# 2
Sneed's Feed & Seed

Hey Ben,

I’m the OP, I accidentally posted while logged into a client’s account.

Anyhoo, it seems to be working at the moment. It’s possible a spotty internet connection is the culprit. If it happens again I’ll let you know. Thanks!

Ben Kohl
# 3
Ben Kohl

I’m glad to hear it is working again.