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JW Nivo

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JW Nivo seems to cause javascript error when creating/editing channel fields in EE 2.9.2

Bug (Resolved)


We just upgraded from EE 2.73 to 2.92 and are having an issue that appears to be related to JW Nivo. We’re getting a javascript error on the field edit page - it’s trying to load /themes/third_party/jw_nivo/field.js, but there is no such file in JW Nivo.

This issue is causing us not to be able to create or edit any channel fields.

EE support suggested that we find out from you how to either get that file remove the call for it.


Jeremy Worboys
# 1
Jeremy Worboys

Thank you for reporting this.
I have uploaded version 1.3.7 which will fix the issue.

# 2

Thank you for doing that so quickly. We are still having a problem saving channel fields, but EE support is taking a look.