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Slider Breaking Website Layout

Support (Resolved)


Good Morning,

When I insert the slider in the index page of the site, it essentially breaks the layout of my page. When I put comment tags around the coding for the slider, the website goes back to the correct layout. This “breaking” of the design happens when there is something that is either still loading or “broken” in the coding.

I have the slider coded as:

{exp:channel:entries  channel="home_page_slider"}
<section id="homeslider">

I have included what the site looks like both with and without the coding in the index page of the website. My question is, where would there be something wrong to make the page never finish loading…

Jeremy Worboys
# 1
Jeremy Worboys

It looks like you are using some sort of masonary plugin which seems to be failing. You should open the developer console in your browser and see if there are any javascript errors preventing this plugin from running.