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JW Nivo

ExpressionEngine 2

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Won’t let me upload a slider image until I try to submit…

Bug (Resolved)


I recently installed JW Nivo on an EE 2.5.2 website (soon to be updated to 2.7.x). 

So far, the plugin is working well except for one thing:  When I initially try to hit “Add Image” on the slider field, nothing happens.  If I try to hit “submit” and (because it’s a required image) it fails, then, and only then am I able to get the file chooser/upload dialogue to open up when clicking the “Add Image” link. 

The site is here:

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Updating to 2.7.3 seems to have fixed the issue.  Thanks!

Jeremy Worboys
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Jeremy Worboys


Thanks for the update. Glad it is all working for you.

Do you happen to have a copy of the 2.5.x install files so I can look into the problem for others?