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Slider does not display.

Support (Resolved)

Paredes Creative
Paredes Creative


I’m working with your slider and am having display issues. Here’s the info about it:

Slider field name: events_slider


{exp:channel:entries channel="events"

Page Location:

I have two slides in this slider and the images show up properly in the backend. I’ve used the “Dark” theme to show that the slider exists on the page (see the dark rectangle at the bottom of the page), but no images from the slider are being displayed.

Please let me know if you have any ideas!

Thank you!

Brian Coult
# 1
Brian Coult

IM having a similar issue… its creating the cache image within the code on the page, but its not actually creating the IMAGE.jpg in the nivo_cache folder?

Jeremy Worboys
# 2
Jeremy Worboys

Hey Vic,

The issue seems to be coming from the fact you are loading your own copy of jQuery. You’ll need to move your jQuery script tag to above the slider and then use {events_slider require_jquery=“no”}. I realise it is not ideal to be loading jQuery in the <head> and it is something I plan to address is v2 (no ETA).

Brian - I don’t believe this is the same issue as the one you are seeing. I will respond to your email.

Paredes Creative
# 3
Paredes Creative


That worked great! Thank you.