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More than one JW Nivo field per entry?

Feature Request

IOM Caribbean
IOM Caribbean

Can there be more than one slide show per entry?

It’s fine when I have only one but I can’t add another slideshow, the publish page freaks out and adds the images to only one slider

Using EE 2.7.3 and JW 1.3.3

Jeremy Worboys
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Jeremy Worboys


This is the first time I have run into anyone using multiple sliders on one entry.

Unfortunately it does freak out when there are multiple on one page. Even more unfortunately a large amount of code will need to be rewritten to fix this. To this end, I am not going to support multiple fields on one entry in JW Nivo v1.x.x. I will however ensure this is completely functional with the v2 rewrite (no ETA at this stage).

If this is an absolute requirement for your usage feel free to initiate a return through the Devot:ee control panel.