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Chinese Characters


Nick F
Nick F

Hi Nicolas…

Do you know if this will work for Chinese double-byte characters as well? Having a similar problem on a Chinese language site.


Nicolas Bottari - Zenbu Studio
# 1
Nicolas Bottari - Zenbu Studio

Hi Nick,

Unfortunately, I doubt this extension will work with Chinese. The extension covers Japanese hiragara, katakana and Japanese double-byte roman letters and numbers, which are associated with specific numbers in character tables. If some Chinese characters fall in this table (maybe double-byte roman letters/numbers), then the extension might partially work for Chinese with very reduced functionality.

I would love to add Japanese kanji (Chinese-based characters) to the mix, but most Japanese kanji have more than one reading, making it virtually impossible to make accurate romaji (roman letter) conversion in the url title without possible assistance of a very complex Japanese-romaji conversion system.

I’m not a Chinese expert, but I believe each Chinese character has only one reading, so Chinese characters might get converted correctly to pinyin in the url title in a hypothetical extension. Maybe this extension I found might work for you: Foreign Character Extension. However, good luck with inputting thousands of pinyin/character table value pairs ;)