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Any way to sign up for multiple lists with one tag?

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Fantastic add-on and saves me from having to write a bunch of external cron scripts - thank you so much!

I was wondering if a user could be added to multiple IEM lists with one tag, something like this:


I’d just test it myself, but I’m working on a staging server that doesn’t have IEM on it.



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Thanks a lot!

Yes that could be introduced I think… we would just iterate through the list IDs and pass the same data.. I will try to introduce that when I get a chance, although not sure if I can do it soon sorry…

One drawback though, is the IEM API only accepts one list, so the call will run the XML CURL POST to your Newsletter API each time, separately, which may slow it down some. You may see the page take twice as long to finish with 2 lists for example. There are a few drawbacks to the API, this is one of them.

So in the meantime you could still call the plugin a few times for each list, the process in the background submitting it to the newsletter wil be the same whichever is used, which is a separate submission for each list.

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Thanks for your quick reply.

If the tag can be used multiple times, that will suit my purpose just fine (especially since it would have to make multiple API calls anyway). So no need to update it on my account. ;)

I plan to roll this out on my production site sometime soon (hopefully within two weeks), which will be the first opportunity I have to test it out. I’d like to donate something if it works as expected; how can I best do that?

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Well to be honest I have not tried using it multiple times! Please try it on your dev site and let us know, i dont see why not. No need to donate, thanks though. Just put some feedback here will be appreciated. Even if its bad, so I can make sure to fix any issues as its not been used a lot yet. Thanks