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The URI you submitted has disallowed characters.

Support Request

Srinandan T V
Srinandan T V

I am using a Edit This Plugin for event edit. So when i click on edit this in the front end it is showing “the uri you submitted has disallowed characters.”. It is converting the ‘?’ to ‘?’ . So can i get any solution for this.

Travis Smith
# 1
Travis Smith

1) Do you have the latest version of the add-on installed?

2) What version of EE are you running?

3) It appears that there’s a typo in your support request—what character is it having the issue with?  Is it a ; or a ? or a &

4) Can you email me a link to a page that has just the bare minimum to recreate this problem?  Usually a simple exp:channel:entries loop will do it.  My email address is