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Stash variables

Bug Report


I’ve got the latest Stash plugin (3.0.6) installed on an ee 4.1 site with the latest deeploy (3.0.7). A few of the stash fields are displaying error codes and so when you try and click save to update things you get this error:

Disallowed Key Characters: &&disabled;&&stash;_file_extensions

I’ve tried uninstalling stash but it doesn’t seem to remove the variables from the deeploy page.

All of the stash varaibles display this same error:

Array to string conversion

/EllisLab/ExpressionEngine/View/_shared/form/field.phpline 70


Array" disabled="disabled"> 

Has anyone else had any issues with Stash or Deeploy like this before?

# 1

HA! Ok I just figured it out.

For anyone else that runs into this. When you install stash via their documentation they have you add a bunch of variables to the config file.  I just commented out those config variables and then deeploy worked perfect as the stash variables were no longer there. 

Then when I got all my paths squared away I just re-enabled the stash things in the config file.