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Not displaying correct number of characters….

Feature Request


Hi there,
I am using this to limit some entry titles in a sidebar and I am using the following:

{exp:eehive_hacksaw chars "15" append="..."}{title}{/exp:eehive_hacksaw} 

The problem is that is doesn’t always count 15 characters, and will cut off at the end of a work within the 15 characters.

For example:

If my title is: “THE NEW RECREATIONAL”

I would expect the following to be outputted: “THE NEW RECREAT…”

but instead it outputs: “THE NEW…”

Any ideas?


# 1

I am also running into this and would like the “chars” function to work like this.

Is there any way to get this to work this way?

Thanks for a great plug-in by the way. We use it all the time.

Matt Kinberg
# 2
Matt Kinberg

The CHARS parameter is still not working properly… Any luck on this?

Benoit Lemay
# 3
Benoit Lemay

Same problem for me!.. need to have the exact amount of character..

Jesse Schutt
# 4
Jesse Schutt

Same issue is happening for me. Did any of you find a fix?

Jesse Schutt
# 5
Jesse Schutt

In case you were curious, I added a “break_word” parameter to this plugin which allows you to break right where the char limit shows up, whether in the middle of a word or not.