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Google Maps for ExpressionEngine

ExpressionEngine 2

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Bad Google PageSpeed score due to Google Maps for ExpressionEngine

Support Request

MH Webdesign
MH Webdesign

Hi Objective HTML,

I’ve been using your Google Maps for ExpressionEngine module on a client’s website for quite some time now and it’s working like a charm. However, we’ve been improving the website’s performance in Google PageSpeed and it seems that the pages that have a Google Map on them, are performing badly due to inline javascript and css. As a result of the inline libraries loaded, the server’s respons time takes a hit as well.

I’ve seen an older thread on the subject, but the solution posted there is not suited. I’ve got dynamically generated markers and a search function. So catching the output and hardcoding it won’t go.

This is a link to the older thread:

Can you provide me with a solution?

Andrew McCormick
# 1
Andrew McCormick

just an FYI, this plug-in is no longer supported by the developer.  I’m not sure what all goes into Google PageSpeed, but you might want to try loading the map markers via ajax after the initial page load so that the initial page isn’t slowed down while it creates all the markers.