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PHP error - missing variable ‘s’

Bug (Resolved)

Jez - Make Hay
Jez - Make Hay


After placing the {exp:fb_tools:init} tag into the header of my pages I run into a PHP Error:

A PHP Error was encountered
Severity: Notice
Message: Undefined variable: s
Filename: libraries/fb_tools_library.php

Line Number: 68

I’m running EE 2.5.3 PHP version is 5.2.17

I also had to turn off gzip compression to get the template to load after adding the fb_tools:init tag, I receive a message about mixed content types with gzip set to ON.

The site does not have a publicly viewable URL though so I’m afraid I can;t show you an example page.

Thanks in advance,

Jez Swinscoe

# 1

Hi Jez,

Just released version 1.1.2 with a fix for this problem.

Can you report me if this fix is working?


Jez - Make Hay
# 2
Jez - Make Hay

Thanks Rein - that resolved the issue and error is gone.