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Can it stop putting fb:app_id in the body near the end? This generates an error from Facebook’s debugger

Bug (Resolved)

Oxygen Smith
Oxygen Smith

Hey Rein,

I was hoping to use this right away, but I’m getting an error.

How can I stop the exp:fb_tools:init tag from putting my fb:app_id parameter in the footer (above the closing /body tag)? Shouldn’t it go in the header instead? It generates an error on my Facebook page in the area where I want the like box, and when I use the Facebook debugger, it tells me that having meta tags in the body are a problem.



Oxygen Smith
# 1
Oxygen Smith

Just a quick follow up: this isn’t generating the error that is killing my like button (I don’t know what it is yet), but when I have this extension activated, it creates the specific problem that the Facebook debugger says must be fixed: placing the app ID in the body is a no-go.

# 2

Hi There,

Is there a test link where i can look?


Oxygen Smith
# 3
Oxygen Smith

Strange, I put it on a test page: http://ccaawps.ca/tests

... but now it places the app_id in the head, with the rest of the init code.

The source code looks good, but there’s still no joy with bringing in the like button. No error message, just a blank.

It seems to be generating all the code, however, and the Facebook debugger isn’t flagging any errors.

Thanks - let me know if you need a login?

# 4

What type type of markup did you set in the CP.