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MSM issue

Support Request

David G
David G

I really like EZ Image, thanks for creating it!

We’re trying to use it on an MSM site but are getting some errors. It looks like the secondary site is attempting to pull the {file_1} directory from the primary site. See the debugging info below:

(0.452247 / 4.81MB) ——— Ez debug: 0:Base path: ‘/<snip>/web/content/’; 1:Source image: ‘above-web-root/commercial-painting-13.jpg’, Fallback image: ‘’; 2:Regexed source: ‘above-web-root/commercial-painting-13.jpg’; 3:Source image is not readable or does not exist: ‘above-web-root/commercial-painting-13.jpg’.; 4:Fallback source image is not readable or does not exist: ‘’.;

VIM Interactive
# 1
VIM Interactive

Hi David,

I will take a look at the issue that you posted. Could you provide me with some more details about your setup?

EE Version ?
MSM Version ?
Using CE Image ?



David G
# 2
David G

I discovered it was an EE 2.4 bug!
EE was outputting the actual code {file_1}  and your plugin was not at fault.
Sorry to bother you.

VIM Interactive
# 3
VIM Interactive

No worries. Glad you got it figured out.