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retain inline css sizing?

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Can we have ez_image_resize retain any image inline css (including width and height) when it runs through images from wygwam? or possibly resize the image to those preset css width and height dimensions?

I also noticed that when the image in question is dumped back into the html the inline css for width and height are lacking in px so it’s invalid markup anyway (style=“height:461; width:619;” instead of style=“height:461px; width:619px;”)

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# 1
VIM Interactive

What version of the plugin are you using and what version of EE?

# 2

Plugin Version is 1.5.3—EE is 2.7.3

Here’s the rundown.

1. User uploads a 1400px width image within Wygwam which is scaled down via css, resulting in:

<img src="/uploads/client/blog/image.jpg" style="height:250px; width:300px" /> 

2. EZ tag is: {exp:ez_image_resize:run max_width=“700” quality=“65”}

3. Since the image is 1400px (resized in css to 300px width), the result is:

<img src="/cache/uploads/client/blog/image_700_500_65.jpg" style="height:500; width:700; "

The result *should* be:

<img src="/cache/uploads/client/blog/image_700_500_65.jpg" style="height:250px; width:300px; "

Where the user’s css values are being carried over.