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EE Control Panel -> Edit Entries not updating “Status”


Ahmed Bashir Tahir
Ahmed Bashir Tahir

Hi Adam,
Just downloaded External Entries and gave it a try.  I just tried to close the status of an entry using above example code.  The Plugin seems to have done its magic but if I go to Edit Entries in the back-end and open the entry , the Status field is blank whereas EE exp_channel_entries table reflects the change as expected.  Need some light on this.  I badly need this plugin and have already started to experiment.  Any response would be highly appreciated.

Thanks for such a great addon.

Adam Khan
# 1
Adam Khan

Hi Ahmed,

You mean the exp_channel_titles table I think. I’ve worked with updating status before and I don’t remember it being any more complicated than just updating the status column in that table, so it’s surprising to me that there’s a disparity between what’s in the table and what you see in EE’s edit screen.

The following works for me (add filters as necessary—this will do it for every entry):

{exp:external_entries:update table="exp_channel_titles" debug="n" limit="999"}