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Addon Won’t Update in EE, so if I delete the old addon, and add new version, will anything in my entries be altered?

Support Request


Hi, I just update my EE to 5 and now I can’t upload images in my Expresso entry fields. I downloaded my addon version update and am trying to update the addon but EE won’t perform that function. SO my thuoght is I could disable the addon and then reupload it. If I did that, do you think it would work, and would it alter any of the entries that have been relying on Expresso entries for the past years? Errors in current version attached.

Please advise asap!!!!

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What versions of ExpressionEngine and Expresso are you currently running? Reuploading the Expresso add-on files may help, but be careful not to reinstall it as you may lose some data. In either case, be sure to make a database backup first.