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How to stop saving ligatures

Support Request

Werner Gusset
Werner Gusset

Expresso stores a letter combination like fl as a ligature. This is a problem with creating a PDF where ligatures are not recognized.

How can we stop this? Is it CKEditor that does that?

Thanks for some help


# 1

Hi Werner. I’m not seeing that behaviour in a local test. Can you please test this in a template that does not have any CSS styling or JS to help narrow down the issue?

Werner Gusset
# 2
Werner Gusset

I’ve made a simple html5 page und the channel entries tag that outputs the field that contains the word with a ligature.

This is the word: “Lichtsignalbeeinflussung”.

On this template I also have this word in a tag directly in HTML
Hi Ben

The output from EE is this “Lichtsignalbeeinflussung ” (fl is a ligature)

The output from the html tag is “Lichtsignalbeeinflussung”. (fl here is two seperate letters)

This should prove that it comes from the Editor.

You can watch it in the Editor in EE. If you save that word who is written without ligature and you examine what it has saved in the Editor’s HTML code you’ll see the ligature.

I suspected the browser doing this, but Firefox and Chrome render the same.

Also, not all letter combination of fl give that ligature: “Einfluss” in the same entry will output without and with 2 letters. Isn’t that strange?

We came across this because PDF Press printed the word in question as “Lichtsignalbeein?ussung”.

Do you can find out how to fix this?