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PHP Error: Call to undefined method Content_publish

Support (Resolved)

Design Station
Design Station

Hi there,

I recently upgraded EE to 2.11.5 and Expresso from 3.x (I’m not certain which version) to 4.2.3 and have been running into this PHP error every time I try to create or edit an entry which contains an Expresso field.

Fatal errorCall to undefined method Content_publish::make() in /home/[Removed]/public_html/[Removed]/expressionengine/third_party/expresso/ft.expresso.php on line 279 

I’ve tried re-uploading the Expresso directory a few times now into the third-party directory in the system, as well as the Expresso themes, just in case a file did not correctly upload—but it seems like everything uploaded properly. The server is running PHP 5.6.

Any advice?

Thank you!


Design Station
# 1
Design Station

I see now that Expresso 4.x is not compatible with ExpressionEngine 2, which I didn’t realize initially. I’ve installed the most recent legacy version of Expresso 3 and see no PHP errors.

# 2

So sorry for the delay in getting back to you here. We were not receiving email notifications due to email issues. However, glad to see you sorted this out on your own!