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Looks promising


Ryan Vosburg
Ryan Vosburg

I know things are still in the early stages but I think this could be a real contenter to Brilliant Retail and looks pretty flexible.

Few questions.

Are there future plans to implement shipping calculations & integration? This is an essential tool especially for international orders. Would also be interested in order fulfillment (printing shipping labels,etc….) Right now it appears you can only set up flat rate shipping. The calculators really are a deal breaker though.

Manual payments & invoices - this really interests me. If I understand correctly this would allow you to make adjustments to an order after its been processed. Can you also send invoices from the admin with templates? This would make things more powerful and break out the ecommerce from just front end customers to distributors and suppliers as well. Can you adjust orders through the admin if you have to refund an order in the gateway admin for example? This is something that I always find lacking with BR and skews reports a bit.



# 1

Thanks for the feedback Ryan! To answer your questions

- Yes, huge shipping improvements will be in the next version, out before EECI.
- Order statuses give you a lot of flexibility, and can probably do what you mentioned. You can link a status to an email template, which in turn can have more than one recipient. You can also optionally add a custom message with a status change, such as an order tracking number, and template this to be included in the email. This could technically be used to send invoices like you mentioned.
- Re. adjusting orders - you can add any manual payments, inlcuding partial payments. If you need to refund an order, you can either change the order status to ‘refunded’ or just delete it

Hope this helps!

Ryan Vosburg
# 2
Ryan Vosburg

Thanks for the quick response. On a sunday none the less. Support is looking great so far too!

Ryan Vosburg
# 3
Ryan Vosburg

Adjusting orders… Can you also add orders manually, directly from the CP? Say for example you have some ebay orders you want to add so company sales reports are accurate. Or some sales made using square device at events.

Also how tight is the gateway integration? If you click refund in the CP, can the customer get refunded without the step of us logging into the gateway.

How flexible are the current email templates? Would be nice to have the ability to create a ‘order shipped’ template and once order status was changed to shipped and a tracking number was entered customer got an email of the ‘order shipped’ template with a clickable tracking number. This could get complicated with different shipping carriers, countries, etc… but just looking to see what the plan is for this.

# 4

Adjusting orders - currently no, you can’t do this. Lots of our clients just use the front-end for this though, logged in as an admin, works fine.

Refunds - each gateway is different so theres no easy way to do this automatically. We just apply the refund directly via the gateway, then mark it as such, or delete it, in the store.

Email templates are one of the best features and can do everything you describe. You can create any custom status, and create custom email templates linked to these statuses, and add a custom message with a status change