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Reporting on the front end?

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I have a rather large EE “Member Portal” set up and entries are segmented by Member Company name. (Custom Member Fields).

My client has one particular client that wants to add Custom Exams to the Portal. This seems like a great tool to do this however, how would the reporting work for their Client. We cant give system access to their clients. So are there tags to show any kind of reporting on the front end and segment it that way?

Basically, how could individual clients see only the progress of members that belong to the same company?

Let me know if I am not being clear enough.

Thanks for any help you can give.

Mike Keller

Coffee Bean Design
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Coffee Bean Design

Hi Mike,

There is the member attempts tag where you can filter by member group for the front end.  Otherwise you could possibly use the query module to query the member attempt table (with a join to the member custom fields table).  It might be simpler to commission a bespoke third party plugin.  I’d be happy to quote you for this kind of work, you have my email.