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ExpressionEngine 2

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Does this extension allow a unique share URL to be created? i.e. Can it share a link to a specific channel entry? I’m using a “feature slider” and need to use this within the channel tag. Thanks!

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Absolutely, the url parameter allows you to specify a specific url to share, instead of defaulting to the site’s base url. If you use url=”“, then I believe sharethis will use the current page url. There is one caveat though: Facebook doesn’t let you override the sharing url (or any of the parameters for that matter) within the tag. Facebook first looks at the Open Graph tags on your page for the sharing url, image, description, etc., and whatever it doesn’t find, it determines itself by crawling the page. In most cases it does a pretty good job of figuring the info out, but when you want more than one facebook sharing button on a page, it fails miserably. Unfortunately this is a limitation of the Facebook API that the ShareThis people haven’t been able to overcome. It’s a pretty big limitation, so I’m hoping it gets addressed in the near future. Most of the other social networks are perfectly fine with multiple buttons on a page each sharing a different link, summary, image, etc. Hope this helps. Cheers,