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Documentation?  Just isn’t working.



Does this work with EE Core? And is there any further documentation?  Seems like it should be pretty straightforward - I’ve uploaded into thirdparty, I’ve set the master less template file and the output css file in settings, I’ve created a simple template and I’ve done a simple styling of h1, adding a color.  Nothing is compiling into the CSS file.  Could really use some guidance.

The Web Developers
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The Web Developers

Hi Epicosity -

Yes, I’d expect it to work with Core as Third Party add-ons can be installed on Core.

Please excuse me if you’ve checked this, but is the directory you’re trying to write the output CSS file to writeable? You won’t need to create the CSS file manually, but if you did, then check that the permissions allow the system to write this file, otherwise it’d fail to overwrite.

It’d be helpful if you could send over a screenshot of your plugin settings (james@thewebdevelopers.co.uk) so I can check the path is structured correctly, and we can liaise from there to get this working for you.

For any others reading this in future, I’ll then follow up with the solution once reached.


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Same issue here, running on 2.10, installed it and the css file won’t show up under any circumstances I checked paths but of course something is not working