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Upload Folder’s Server Path Being Erased

Support Request


I have an EE 3.4.2 site with Deploy Helper 3.0.2.  Whenever I got to the Deploy Helper Addon page, I see a host of PHP Notices (screenshot attached) reagarding

Trying to get property of non-object

/addons/deeploy_helper/mcp.deeploy_helper.phpline 90 

Of course this is where it should be pulling the server Path for each of the upload locations.  Thus all the Server Paths are blank, and of course if I update my paths and urls then save it erases all the Server paths for each of my upload locations.
any ideas?

EE 3.4.2
Deploy Helper 3.0.2
PHP 5.4.45

Travis Smith
# 1
Travis Smith

Hi there,

We released a new version that should fix your issue.
Can you try it out ?

Thanks :)