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Support Request

MediaGirl, Inc.
MediaGirl, Inc.

Is there a way to set the disqus_url variable to create a link back to the page from the Disqus?


# 1

Hi Anna

Sorry, we don’t get notifications of posts here, I only just saw your post (Get Satisfaction is our official support channel ).

I thought Disqus automatically records the thread URL if it isn’t specified? Is it only happening for old threads which you are exporting comments for? If so, it’s not really possible to know the thread URL when we are exporting old comments (since EE channel entries aren’t really mapped to URLs anywhere). But for comments on new threads it should be setting the URL correctly..


MediaGirl, Inc.
# 2
MediaGirl, Inc.

Hi Adrian,

Yes, I was seeing this after exporting old comments. Looks like the URL is being set correctly on new comments. All is well in the world:)