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Error 4: You must provide an authenticated user for this method

  [forum] => moxiedesignstudios
  [title] => The Moxie Girls Summer Cocktail Contest!
  [identifier] => 1864
  [date] => 1210816260

This is the error I’m getting when I try to export our comments to Disqus.  It says my information is all correct and I can’t seem to find anything offensive about the 4 comments listed on that post.

Any tips on what I should be looking for?

Thank you!

# 1

Hello? I’m hoping to get a reply on this. Is support moderated here or should I be posting elsewhere? Thanks!

# 2

Nevermind. I posted on Get Satisfaction.

Ryan Masuga
# 3
Ryan Masuga

Sorry - it appears this dev was claiming they support their add-on here, when in fact they do not. We have changed that setting to reflect “Community Support.”

# 4

Thanks, Ryan. :)

# 5

Ryan - While we don’t encourage support requests here, I had “Developer Support” turned on so that we still get email notifications about topics. However, I never got an email notification about this thread (have had some since then for other products though). It would be great if we could mark the forum “not actively monitored” but still get email notifications (although we will probably still miss the occasional post if the notifications don’t come through).

Joelle - Sorry we missed your post. Will follow up on Get Satisfaction.