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ExpressionEngine 2

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** PLEASE READ if you’re using the ajax messages **



With regret I have to mention that the ajax feature in CSM does not work perfectly. It was brought to my attention after releasing it that some EE forms do not return JSON responses. 3rd party modules such as User and Freeform may not work either, but Solspace is aware of this and have started, or already included JSON responses if the forms were submitted via ajax. Solspace were the ones who pointed this out to me actually. Basically this is my fault. I didn’t test it with all of EE’s forms or 3rd party modules before releasing the feature… I just assumed it would work.

If you’re experiencing issues with the ajax feature first try adding message_on_success=“no” to your form tag. Error messages should still work, but successful submissions will process with normal redirects.

Sorry for any inconveniences. If you need a refund and are past the 30 day return policy from Devot:ee, send me an email at litzinger at gmail. With that said, this will be resolved in the near future.