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Capitalization Problem

Support (Resolved)


I have a template group, work-at-our-company.

I have configured a Template Group Title in Crumb Brulee which should display this template group as Work at Our Company. Note the word “at” starts with a lowercase “a”. Crumb Brulee renders this as Work At Our Company, with an uppercase “a” even though Crumb Brulee’s capitalization setting is set to “Do Nothing.”

Any assistance is appreciated.

Philip Jones

Ben Kohl
# 1
Ben Kohl

If you go into your third_party folder and open crumb_brulee/libraries/crumb_brulee_library.php then make the following change to line 234:

# From
return ucwords(strtolower($query->row('group_title')));
# To
return $query->row('group_title'); 

Does that take care of it?