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Channel Variables

ExpressionEngine 2

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Installed “Channel Variables” extension but doesn’t seem to work



I installed and enabled the extension, but when I attempt to use a snippet within a channel entry, it doesn’t work.  Rendered template just shows “{snippet-name}” on the page.  Any docs available in case I’m missing something?


Bryan Juber
# 1
Bryan Juber

This add-on gave me the same problem. It doesn’t seem to work in the latest version of ExpressionEngine (2.5.3) you will need to downgrade and wait for an update. I hope it comes soon.

# 2

hi guys, I wasn’t aware of this - will take a look into it this evening.

Will keep you updated.

# 3

also sorry about the extremely long delay - been very busy with the day job and hadn’t checked this account email for a while - ever so sorry!

# 4

Hi Guys,

Ive not got a 2.5.3 set up and ready and was reall busy last night; however i did find this EE bug that was introduced into 2.5.3: https://support.ellislab.com/bugs/detail/18287/#15449

The Bug its self:

This is a strange one. If a channel entry’s field includes text like the following:

Test entry


{!—This is a comment.—}
It should be rendered on the front-end when the channel entries tag is parsed. (The https://support.ellislab.com/ tag should return the site’s URL and the comment should be stripped from the output.) The only time this happens, however, is when the entry is the first in the returned list from the Channel Entries tag.

The solution:

Strangely, I’m pretty sure this is a duplicate of this:


The final fix noted there ended up not being the actual final fix. To fix, remove this:

From the end of EE_Typography::parse_type().

I have not tested this. However I found this whilst I was fixing a matrix issue i was having with this extension at work for matrix - hence finding this bug and providing a fix for matrix fields.

If you have 2.5.3 installs do you mind testing?