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API v1 to API v1.1

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Possibly this is a stupid question, but I would like to ask it and learn if we need to upgrade or not.

We have been using CE Tweet v1.2, everything working fine, now the client has seen that the tweets are not displaying on the website, I have looked through the changelog and enabled ‘Output and Debugging’ and suspect that the issues is due to the change in Twitters API (v1 to v1.1).

Here is one of the debug messages that causes concern:
***  CE Tweet debug: An exception occurred: “{“errors”: [{“message”: “The Twitter REST API v1 is no longer active. Please migrate to API v1.1.”, “code”: 68}]}”

Can you confirm that the issue is related to the Twitter API update and if updating our CE Tweet plugin to 1.3.5 will resolve this.

Also, as we have purchased CE Tweet 1.2, do we need to repurchase the plugin again or are updates available free? I know you need to earn a living, I just wish to ask.

Thanks for your help.

# 1

All sorted, saw the updated download file, installed it and the tweets are now displaying,

Causing Effect - Aaron Waldon
# 2
Causing Effect - Aaron Waldon

Hi NixonDesign!

Yeah, all of the template tags are version 1.1 compatible. Glad you got it sorted. :)