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No Tweets after Migrating Site

Support Request


We recently migrated this site to a new host and domain.

But the Twitter Account is the same, so it really shouldn’t have altered anything about the Twitter Feed on our blog page sidebar (under Latest Tweets):

The old site (which is still live), is still pulling in tweets from that Twitter account, but the new site isn’t, using the exact same template code.

I’ve double checked, and ce_tweets is installed (that wouldn’t have changed in migration).  Literally, the only things that have changed between sites are the name and domain name. :-)

Any ideas for what to check?

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Figured it out.  The developer for the original site had a whole bunch of custom config files he was calling, most of which referred to his self-hosting set up, located outside the EE system directories.  I’d gotten rid of those not realizing that’s where he’d put the ce_tweets config info, instead of into the main ee config file.  Once I got that sorted out, and those parameters into the right config file, it was all good.