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Tweets not Updating

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I have ce_tweet installed and thought everything was working fine but it does not seem to be updating tweets. It is displaying a tweet that is several down on the user timeline. The cache file it is referencing was created back on Nov 8 Debug output is as follows. I changed the permissions on the cache file to 755 to see if that was the trouble but it doesn’t seem to have done anything.

(0.363532 / 12.81MB)    Calling Class/Method: Ce_tweet/user_timeline
(0.363611 / 12.81MB)    -> Class Called: Ce_tweet
(0.363634 / 12.81MB)    -> Method Called: user_timeline
(0.363741 / 12.82MB)      ***  CE Tweet debug: The cache file “/##/##/##/##/expressionengine/cache/ce_tweet/p_88b24a032526782b3e022057879795f9” exists.
(0.363831 / 12.82MB)    -> Data Returned

Looks like it may not be returning data? Here is the template code.

{exp:ce_tweet:user_timeline screen_name="SkeenaWatershed" count="1" seconds="200"}

This is on EE 2.9.2 and ce_tweet 1.3.8

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nevermind I have it figured out its to do with not including retweets and then them posting a tweet and immediately after a retweet. The new tweet never gets picked up because it is a limit of 1 so it displays the older cached tweet. I am going to have to think up some sort of work around for this. Maybe pull 3 and then hide the second 2 with css.