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Guetzli and option suggestion.

Feature Request



Right now I have added Guetzli myself (new jpg compression from google and yes it’s great. Not fast but great. my website used to use 134 MB of images (original and compressed files) after using guetzli it’s 10MB.

Are you planning to add it to CE Lossless?

If so the following option would be great:

{exp:ce_img:pair src="/image/image.jpg" lossless="NOT guetzli" }

Because It can be slow, this way you could disable a compression option…

Thanks for the great plugin :-)

Causing Effect - Aaron Waldon
# 1
Causing Effect - Aaron Waldon

Hi gfive!

I haven’t even heard of Guetzli, but those are some amazing results. I’ll look into it. The different compression technologies can be chosen in the config, so people would only enable it if they want to.

Thanks for the tip!

# 2

I know about the config file. But than Guetzli will always be used. And while it takes some time to run it would be nice to have some extra options. With my suggested option you could choose what photo will get what kind of compression….