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CE Image and ExpressionEngine 6

Support Request

Design Station
Design Station

Has anyone tried upgrading an ExpressionEngine install with CE Image to ExpressionEngine 6? I’m wondering if CE Image will still work. Thanks!

# 1

It does work.

brian hackett
# 2
brian hackett

I think the only chance of this plugin getting long term support and updates is if Packet Tide buy the CE plugins .Its a pity because CE image , CE String and CE Cache are really good plugins but they are effectively abandonware now .

# 3

In this thread, Paultz mentioned a fix to make CE Image compatible with EE5:

Is this where I should be looking to make it EE6 compatible?

brian hackett
# 4
brian hackett

I would use this instead for ee6

It allows you to easily swap out CE image tags and replace them with jcogs tags . Once done you can remove ce-image completely

“Drop-in” upgrades for sites using CE Image
JCOGS Image unlocks a simple upgrade path for existing EE5 and EE6 for sites developed using the CE-Img add-on.

Although based on a completely new image processing code base, JCOGS Image has been designed to have strong compatiblity with CE Image parameters and functions: in many cases it is possible to upgrade an existing site without loss of function simply doing a search / replace to update the tag name used: for example changing {exp:ce_img:single…} to {exp:jcogs_img:single…}.