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images will not resize since GZIP compression was enabled

Support Request


My images will not resize since GZIP compression was enabled on my server.

I can I have gzip enabled on the server and still use CE Image?  When I try and use CE code I get a 500 error

{exp:ce_img:single src=”{your_custom_field}” width=“500”}
{exp:ce_img:single src=”/images/imagelfile.jpg” width=“500”}

if I use

{exp:ce_img:single src=“” width=“500”} no code is returned but the page loads


Causing Effect - Aaron Waldon
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Causing Effect - Aaron Waldon

Hi eastwooddesign!

Not sure why you are getting an error, but I recommend that you do not gzip using EE. You can disable gzipping in the control panel or from the config:


Error pages throw 500 errors when EE’s gzip setting is on. I’ve found that enabling gzip through htaccess or the nginx config seem to be a much better way to go, and tends to be very easy to do. Here’s a quick guide I just found in a Google search: