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CE Image not working after permissions were adjusted

Support Request


I have a customer that had us adjust the user and group as well as the file and directory permissions. Since then any updates to new products or new products added are doing this or the fullsize image is not showing up. The one they added this morning they added a new product and that product is showing up in ExpressionEngine but the file is not in ~uploads/product_images and is not showing up in the site. I have looked at the configuration files that they have pointed me to but I have not seen anything about what the permissions need to be. Can someone help me fix this?

Causing Effect - Aaron Waldon
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Causing Effect - Aaron Waldon

Hi compprog254!

Server permissions depend on how the users and groups are set up on the server. If PHP can’t write to a directory, then CE Image will not work. This is a server setup issue and has little to do with CE Image itself.

There are instructions on the Installation page under the Setup section of the documentation on how to set up directory permissions.

Additionally, you can customize the permission settings that CE Image attempts to give directories and images it creates. Check out the different permission settings in the Advanced Configuration section of the documentation.