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Encode characters in filenames beyond just spaces?

Support Request

Paul Larson
Paul Larson

My client site is loaded with files with parenthesis. A filename such as: Hexagon_600_by_510_(50).jpg
isn’t being rendered/processed by ce_img. Any options for this?

I’ve tried to edit the plugin code for url_encode_lite without any luck:

protected function url_encode_lite$url )
#return str_replace( ' ', ' ', $url );

$search  = array(' ' '(' ')' );
$replace = array(' ' '(' ')' );
str_replace$search$replace$url );

# 1

Hi Paul, I’m not sure if you’ve gotten around this issue, but what fixed this for me was adding “:url_decode” parameter to the image variable. Shouts to Robin @ EE for sorting this for me.


{exp:ce_img:pair src=”{ti-image:url_decode}” width=“116” height=“76” crop=“yes”}

Real Deals
# 2
Real Deals

This works perfectly, thanks for posting the solution.