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EE 2 - Error upon submitting multi-edit (Accepted)

Bug Report


As mentioned in 16298, I’m getting the following message after editing multiple entries using the native interface(happens with Zenbu also):

Unable to locate the model you have specified: ce_cache_break_model

System still posts the changes but I don’t get sent to the next page. Disabling CE Cache extension allows system to perform the operation w/o error.

• EE 2.8.1
• Ce Cache 1.11.2
• PHP 5.3.29 (cringe)
• we have 2 custom extensions calling the Ce_cache_break class via the entry_submission_absolute_end hook

Punch Buggy
# 1
Punch Buggy

For anyone interested or having the same issue I have done a fix.

Line 37 in ext.ce_cache.php (in the contructor). Add this line



Causing Effect - Aaron Waldon
# 2
Causing Effect - Aaron Waldon

Thank you Punch Buggy and nacnewmedia! I’ll try to set aside some time to get a CE Cache for EE 2 update pushed out with this fix. I appreciate you guys letting me know and hunting down the problem.

# 3

Thank you, that worked for me

PHP 5.6
Expression Engine v2.11.1