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Problem with ‘stat failed’ on line 52 of pi.cache_buster.php

Feature Request

Jonathan Schofield
Jonathan Schofield

I have a standard usage of cache_buster in place on a subdomain with the following relative structure:

hosting account root
-- system
-- html (inactive web root)
subdomain folder
------ css
-------- main.css (called in cache_buster)
-------- main.js (called in cache_buster

On output, line 52 of cache_buster is generating a PHP error of the following (anonymised) nature:

Message: filemtime(): stat failed for /path/to/html/css/main.css

In essence, cache_buster seems to be seeing $root_path as the path to the html folder instead of the nested subdomain folder.

All other aspects of my installation and templates are working fine.

I have a support ticket open with the host in case there is something environmental going on here that is nothing to do with cache_buster, but I’d be grateful if you could let me know your thoughts.

Happy to make a donation to your input.

Jonathan Schofield
# 1
Jonathan Schofield

I should add I’m running EE 2.8.0 and your plugin is the only third party add-on.

Jonathan Schofield
# 2
Jonathan Schofield

Apparently, the host “uses mod_rewrite to serve the content of the sub directory assigned to that subdomain”.

They also say “the plugin would only be functional when ExpressionEngine is installed directly in the document root” but I know that is not the case as I have used it many times with my standard practice of having the system above web root.

Any thoughts Erik?