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Bug Report

Mark Peach
Mark Peach

Looks like safecracker_file does not work with Better Workflow

I have an entry with an uploaded file to a safecracker_file field. if I delete the file in the field and try and upload a new image - then if I just do a save and close under Better Workflow it does not upload the new image. It only uploads the image if I go straight to publish and do not save.

Excited by this new add-on so hoping I can address this issue as I use safecracker_file all the time.

Mark Peach
# 1
Mark Peach

Actually looked again at the file fieldtype as opposed to the safecracker_file field type and found that the file type now does allow you to restrict and specify the upload folder - which it did not do when I first used EE2 when EE2 came out ( at that point all of the upload folders were available with the file field type). So it looks like safecracker_file can be replaced by the file field type and this seems to work OK with Better Workflow.

Strange that I did not notice this change in the file field type - will have to look when in EE 2 this change came into effect.

So this solves my issue in that I do not need safecracker_file any longer - unless someone can tell me why it is a better solution - but why then does EE2 still ship with the safecracker_file type (that is EE2.2.2 which I am using)

Electric Putty
# 2
Electric Putty

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