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Backup Pro

ExpressionEngine 2, ExpressionEngine 3

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Bad zip’s + Files won’t backup etc.. [deferred]

General (Resolved)



So I’ve had no problem using your module in my development environment (saved my ass). Since I’ve pushed to production earlier this week I’ve encountered a few problems.

1) Backup Files only completes 2.9 MB out of what should be 150mb or so. and when I try to download the back up, I get the zip file, I unzip it and it becomes a Compressed UNIX CPIO Archive file “.cpgz” an endless cycle back and forth.

2) Database seems to work properly for a moment, as it’s backing up it lists the appropriate tables etc. It says the final Database size is 108 MB which is about double what it actually is, and then I encounter the same .cpgz problems as backup files.

I’ve ssh’d in and changed permissions to 777 to my backups folder, which is within the third party backup pro module default backups folder. Now it shows the .zips within the folders, they seem to have no problem getting to the folder, but something funky is going on. I configured everything exactly how I had it on my DEV environment but no luck.

I am running EE 2.3.1 with quite a few addons, perhaps there is an addon backup pro isn’t friendly with?

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Want to start backing up!

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Hi Scott,

Sorry to hear you’re having issues; that’s not good sir.

Can you tell me what version of Backup Pro you’re using? I have a feeling it’s a bit out of date…

That said, if you’re up to the latest version, can you set up CP and FTP access for me and send it to eric at mithra62 dot com so I can take a look at how everything is running?

Thanks and apologies for the issue.